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The Real Estate Market in St Maarten / St Martin after Hurricane Irma

The hurricane shook up the real estate market of St Maarten St Martin creating a momentum. A lots of transactions are taking place. 95 % of the real estate was effected by the storm.  however the insurance companies are making payments the home owners. Reconstructions are long on the way.

The experience of 1995 hurricane Luis, aid the people of St Maarten, St Martin in reacting very well and promptly. Most of the businesses are back up and running. Bar – Restaurants, Clubs, Markets, shops and a more, better and better every day. All flights have been reinstated from the major cities, NY, Amsterdam, Philly, Miami, Paris, Panama, and the neighboring islands. A lot cruise ship has arrived in Philipsburg this is really good for St Maarten St Martin economy. Orient beach has a few restaurants are going to be open soon. There is a new high end beach bar opening in Simpson Bay Roxxy Beach right on Kimsha beach, near the bridge. This is going to be great place for the people who live in Pelican Simpson Bay Cupecoy Almond Grove.

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