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About St. Maarten Investments

St. Maarten – St. Martin realtors luxury real estate and property experts since 1993.

Partnered with Caribbean Properties Saint Martin, F. W. I. specialized in Luxury properties.

Villas & Homes, beachfront Condos & Apartments, Land / Plots, Hotel & Resorts and joint ventures, linked with other Luxury Real Estate companies in the neighboring islands, Saint Barths FWI and Anguilla BWI.

St. Maarten Investments realtors  was established in St. Maarten / St. Martin in 1993 and our real estate team specializes in Luxury St. Martin / St. Maarten Real Estate.

Our property agents have no less than 15 years experience in the business and speak several languages, including English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian.

This is why we are  fully licensed for real estate in both Saint Martin and St. Maarten.

Our offices are located in:
St. Maarten Investments No. 38 Simpson Bay Yacht Club, St. Maarten Country (SXM)

Caribbean Properties 1100 Nettle Bay, Marigot Saint Martin F.W.I.

We offer a prestigious selection of luxury beachfront and hillside properties from villas / homes, apartments / condos, vacant plots of land. There are endless possibilities in finding your dream home. We are specialized in the Terres Basses, also known as French Lowlands. This area is best known for its white sand beaches, peaceful atmosphere and exclusive real estates.

There are various benefits in investing in real estate on an island like St. Maarten (SXM) / Saint Martin (F.W.I.). St. Maarten / St. Martin island offers a highly accessible travel destination.

As we are ranked as the number two international airport (Princess Juliana International Airport) in the Caribbean, after Puerto Rico.

We have direct flights daily from a multitude of airports worldwide, including direct, international flights from the US and Europe, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Miami, Philadelphia and many more.

St. Maarten and St. Martin have over 120 nationalities, the best assortment of restaurants that vary from French cuisine to beach barbeques, or the 37 different beaches located all over the island.

There is something for everyone on the Sunny & friendly island of Saint Martin / St. Maarten. For those who enjoy a night out, there is a wide selection of bars and clubs to appeal to any music taste or dance style. St. Maarten / St. Martin is rated as having the most vibrant nightlife in the Caribbean region. The cultural aspect of the island is drawn from numerous nationalities, ethnicities, and languages from all over the world.

The island of Saint Martin / St. Maarten has naturally stunning and breathtaking views from different points of the island. There are villas from the top of a mountain, all the way down to the beachfront properties that rest right beside the gorgeous ocean.

St. Maarten Investments & Caribbean Properties we aim for complete satisfaction.

Finding you the perfect property is without a doubt our first priority. Caribbean Properties & SMI, with 25 years in the Real Estate business, if you have found us, there is no need to look any further.

As a buyer or a seller you should be aware that St. Maarten St. Martin does not have a Real Estate MLS (Multiple Listing Service) so you should work with a company that has lots of experience (no less than 15 years) and the business and can give you the maximum exposure as a seller and the largest variety of properties as buyer.

We work with all the real estate companies in St. Martin St. Maarten to make sure you get the best service a professional real estate company can give you.

Keep in mind we have no MLS in St Maarten make sure you are working with a legit professional if you want to have access to everything

make sure you realtor has an office and is not one of those fly by night pretend to be an agent working from the back of his scooter.

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Sell your property SMI

Sell your property SMI
Call us today about selling your Real Estate in Sint Maarten / Saint Martin.
We have been in the Luxury Real Estate business since 1993 in St Maarten St Martin SXM
All our agents are multilingual, speaking French, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian and they all have minimum 10 years experience. We have 2 locations, Dutch side Simpson Bay Yacht

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ Real Estate St Maarten St Martin Island SXM August 23rd 2018
Below we will provide a selection of some of the most commonly asked questions about real estate. For those who are curious as to what there is to do on the island of St. Maarten/ St. Martin. Questions about buying a property (whether a villa, apartment, land, condo

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No. 1 Island in the Caribbean

Sint Maarten / Saint Martin 37 square miles island in the Caribbean, both a little Caribbean and a little European in atmosphere.

Among having over 25 years of experience in the Luxury Real Estate business St. Maarten St. Martin. By the same token, we specialize in the most exclusive, luxury residential locations on

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The Real Estate Market in St Maarten after Hurricane Irma

The hurricane shook up the real estate market of St Maarten St Martin creating a momentum. A lots of transactions are taking place. 95 % of the real estate was effected by the storm.  however the insurance companies are making payments the home owners. Reconstructions are long on the way.

The experience of 1995 hurricane Luis, aid the people of St Maarten, St Martin in reacting very well and p

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Real Estate in a new St. Maarten

The Real Estate market has drastically changed in the aftermath of the hurricane. Some properties that were already on the market before the hurricane, are now still on the market, but some of the properties got damaged and the value of

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Properties damaged by hurricane Irma September 2017

Because of Hurricane Irma in 2017 many properties were damaged. This means that There are owners who already had their properties for sale.  They will need to think about reconstructing their properties or sell their properties as they are. It also brings new opportunities for those who like to take this opportunity to make an investment. If you were looking for a fixer upper this is the time.

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Big Price Drop on Magnificent Villa in Pelican Key St Maarten

Located on the top of the mountain Pelican Key this villa has an incredible view of the St Maarten Island.
Carl Abott the famous architect design this magnificent villa, 3 bedroom 3,5 baths, private pool car garage, wine cellar GYM.

Pelican Key is one of the most respected residential community on St Maarten St Martin since many years.

A well-known location, very central yet seclud

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MLS Sint Maarten Saint Martin SXM

MLS Sint Maarten Saint Martin SXM
This makes the real estate business a lot more complicated for everyone, buyers, sellers, Real Estate brokers. The sellers will not get the exposure they need, the buyers will not get the selection they deserve. Plus brokers have to work a lot harder to make a transaction. When buying real estate in St Maarten St Martin make sure your realtor

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Real Estate Market in St. Martin St. Maarten today August 2018

August 2018 The Real Estate Market in St. Martin St. Maarten SXM today.

Lots of new real estate owners in St Martin St Maarten today.
In the past 12 months, a lot of real estate transactions due to the drop in prices. All of these transactions are now driving the prices back up and soon the real estate market in St Maarten St Martin sxm is g

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Where to buy Real Estate St Maarten St Martin SXM

Where to buy real estate in St Maarten St Martin
St Maarten St Martin has a lot of beautiful real estate sites. In this article we are going to list some of the best sites and give you an idea of their features. Of course in St Maarten St Martin there is a French side and a Dutch side. So one has to decide on which side you are rather be. But in any case the island is so s

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Procedure for the Sale and Purchase of Property in St Maarten

Procedure and Required Documents for The Sale And Purchase of an Immovable Property in St. Maarten:
Required documents and information on the transaction of Sale and Purchase.

A sign purchase agreement between buyer/purchaser and seller. (if there is no sign but only a verbal sale and purchase agreement, parties can at any moment revoke the sale and purchase agreeme

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The notary in St Maarten

Notary within the Dutch Kingdom (Sint Maarten) Country SXM
Notaries occupy a special place in the world of legal professionals in the Dutch Kingdom. In company with attorneys-at-law (advocaten), bailiffs (deurwaarders) and tax advisors (belastingconsulenten). This is first and foremost the of the appointment of a notary and performs his duties. Like an attorney, a notary is a legal profe

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Properties for sale St Maarten St Martin

Properties For Sale
Simpson Bay Beach Sint Maarten
Modern Penthouse on the top floor with amazing views of the Caribbean sunset.
3 Bedroom 3.5 bathrooms, Turn Key, direct beach access, Secured Building.
Price $ 1,3 M USD


Properties For Sale

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